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Lift Sharing

One of the truly great features of this website: share lifts to the wedding with other guests. What could be more sociable, while saving money, the environment, and helping out other guests going to the wedding. Introduce the feature here, and encourage your guests to get involved below. Remember, all personal details are kept private between the driver and passenger, and no details are released to a passenger without the driver's permission.

Drivers: If you have any spaces in your car, please fill in your details at the bottom.

No one has volunteered any spaces in their car to the wedding yet - be the first by filling in the form below!

Add your details as a driver

Please fill in the form below and we will email you when someone adds their details to the site. Your details will not be published publicly on the site, other than your name and starting destination.

We will email you a secure link to edit your details, so you can always change your mind about providing lifts at a later date. Thank you very much for participating!

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